Interested in the ICE Cube 2021 and want to contribute your part? Now is the time! Help us reach out to your university, friends and your mates. Call for Ambassadors is now OPEN! Apply NOW! 

  1. Registration Fee Discount: YOU DECIDE THAT! How? So, the number of delegates registering with your reference is the discount that you get on your registration fee. For example, 2 delegates register for ICE Cube 2021 with your reference, you get a DISCOUNT of 20% on your registration fee, so if you can get 10 delegates to register for ICE Cube 2021, you get a free registration! Travel grants reimbursement up to Rs. 10,000/- are also available for outstanding Ambassadors.
  2. Ambassador Award: The Ambassador award is our gesture to appreciate your efforts, which will be given to the top performing Ambassador, & who knows YOU COULD BE ONE!
  3. Ambassador Certificate: Who wants to miss out on a certificate on their contributions from an International conference? Another gesture to acknowledge your untiring efforts from day one. This will be for all our Ambassadors.

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BUITEMS Takattu Campus, Quetta, Pakistan

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), has given a new vision and distinct meaning to education. BUITEMS is located in Quetta, also called the fruit basket of Pakistan. Quetta is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan distinguished by the unique backdrop of mountains, beautiful lakes and fruit orchards in the outskirts.

Nearby Locations

  • Quetta International Airport (2.0 miles)
  • Serena Hotel (4.5 Miles)
  • Quetta Railway Station (5.0 Miles)


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